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Irma (the artist) sitting on grass surrounded by all her original works around her

Irma's Visual Art

Irma Schiele is a Mexican Canadian artist residing in Vancouver. Her love of art in all forms, has allowed her to develop Irma’s Visual Art, to share and celebrate her own works. While she primarily focuses on painting, she enjoys experimenting with a variety of art mediums. Her artwork has been featured throughout West Vancouver in exhibitions held at the Ferry Building Gallery and the Benjamin Lumb Art House. 


Irma offers a collaborative experience which is carefully curated for each individual and the success of the final artwork requested.

Irma Schiele's original for commission, "Talvera Kitten"


“I’m impressed with how professional everything’s been, it’s made the process super enjoyable from my end”  - Chas 
Original painting by Irma Schiele of a black mystical bird with a golden mask surrounded by lush greens and pink flowers made for a commission
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